Anti Nuclear Images

March 6, 2011

Images here by Christina Macpherson are freely available to anyone to download and use as they please.  This one is the start. More will be added along the way.


Now time to move to fossil-free nuclear-free world

December 30, 2015

renewable environment

We must believe that it is not too late, because we cannot afford to give up.  It may be that the world now must adapt to the climate changes of this heating planet. At the same time, we have to address the continuing causes of climate change.

Overpopulation is an underlying cause. But as standards of living, rise, with education of women rising, populations do in fact reduce their birth rates, and this has happened in the developed world.

The culture of endless consumption must change. This is one area where the nuclear industry is insidiously dangerous. As they showed in their slick advertising film “Pandora’s Promise”, nuclear energy is all about endless electricity for endless over-consumption.

When it comes to adaptation, this means that we are now, more than ever, one world. National borders have already become meaningless, as pollution, and dangers such as nuclear radiation spread around the planet. With climate change,we are already seeing climate refugees, and that can only increase, as parts of the world become uninhabitable.

We surely need the ethical messages, to transcend the prevailing philosophy of money as the one goal in life.  Many indigenous peoples understand this. Pope Francis gets it. But these people can’t do it on their own.

Christmas is nothing but a silly tasteless charade, unless it means a change in attitude towards our mindless consumption, and towards compassion and help for refugees.  Friends of the Earth said it. long ago, with their slogan – Think Globally, Act Locally.

2016 Heading for the Post Nuclear World

December 30, 2015

text end nuclear

The sinister side of the push for “New Nuclear” is that it is a justification for doing nothing about the accumulating toxic wastes and the toxic nuclear weapons and reactors.  Such a comfortable temptation – leave this nastiness for our grand and great granchildren to fix.

The present entire reptilean assembly of nuclear industry chiefs and wannabe chiefs, and executives and lobbyists, and the bought politicians and media, will be dead then, having enjoyed their comfortable well-paid lives.

It is up to the ‘alternative’ and ‘social’ media to expose their lies and to highlight the compelling three present day challenges:

– to close down the global nuclear industry, and especially to expose and prevent the ‘New ‘Nuclear’ deception.

– to deal with the existing masses of radioactive trash – interim above ground storage, then burial near to the site of production – the  ‘least worst’ option.

-to dismantle the useless nuclear weapons empire, including the poisonous depleted uranium weapons. (Today’s enemies effectively use much simpler and cheaper weapons)

South West Native Title deal slammed by Aboriginal elders

March 25, 2014

Elders declare Native Title deal “outrageous insult”  Indigenous Times 24 March 14

 One of the most senior Elders of the Noongar peoples, Richard Wilkes has slammed the South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council’s (SWALSC) role in the $1.3 billion Native Title negotiations with the Western Australian State Government.

Mr Wilkes said the SWALSC had degenerated from a representative body of the Noongar peoples to a “collaborative body with the government”.

“They are no longer representing…(Subscribers only)

Renewable energy is the way to go

March 6, 2011