2016 Heading for the Post Nuclear World

text end nuclear

The sinister side of the push for “New Nuclear” is that it is a justification for doing nothing about the accumulating toxic wastes and the toxic nuclear weapons and reactors.  Such a comfortable temptation – leave this nastiness for our grand and great granchildren to fix.

The present entire reptilean assembly of nuclear industry chiefs and wannabe chiefs, and executives and lobbyists, and the bought politicians and media, will be dead then, having enjoyed their comfortable well-paid lives.

It is up to the ‘alternative’ and ‘social’ media to expose their lies and to highlight the compelling three present day challenges:

– to close down the global nuclear industry, and especially to expose and prevent the ‘New ‘Nuclear’ deception.

– to deal with the existing masses of radioactive trash – interim above ground storage, then burial near to the site of production – the  ‘least worst’ option.

-to dismantle the useless nuclear weapons empire, including the poisonous depleted uranium weapons. (Today’s enemies effectively use much simpler and cheaper weapons)


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